Kew Media International Limited, Kew Media Group UK Limited and Kew Media Group UK Holdings Limited (Trading as “KMD”) (all in administration)
(Company Numbers: 03040413, 09362955 and 02819652)

On 28 February 2020, Simon Kirkhope and Andrew Johnson of FTI Consulting LLP were appointed as Joint Administrators of KMD.

KMD is part of the wider Kew Media Group Inc (“the Group”), which has entered a protective receivership process in Canada and continues to progress the sale of various assets which continue to trade as normal.

The key assets of the Group include:

  • Frantic Films
  • Media Headquarters Film & Television
  • 4East
  • Essential Media Group
  • Jigsaw Productions
  • Sienna Films      
  • Our House Media
  • BGM
  • Essential Media Group
  • Awesome Media & Entertainment
  • TCB Media Rights

While the Group also sought potential purchasers for KMD, the sales process did not result in any expressions of interest in acquiring KMD, and as a result KMD’s board and lenders considered there was no reasonable prospect of KMD continuing as a going concern.

All customers and rights owners should continue to meet their contractual obligations to KMD, while a long-term solution is finalised to transition or sell KMD’s extensive library of content.

Please direct any queries in relation to the administration to; T: +44 20 7632 5030; or Kew Media, c/o FTI Consulting LLP,  200 Aldersgate Street, London EC1A 4HD.

Press contact: Rob Mindell;; T: +44 203 727 1000 / +44 771 454 1685