The 14th Chick  


After much indecision, Daniel and Francesca decide to get married. Martin, Daniel's best friend, is asked to organise a small party for family and friends in a restaurant to celebrate the upcoming wedding.

The guests arrive but there's no sign of the couple - both had assumed the other had taken down the address. While waiting, the guests start drinking, rehearse the wedding song and gossip about the bride and groom.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Francesca search for the restaurant up and down the streets of Amsterdam and begin to realise that their basic incompatibilities cannot be resolved. By the time they arrive at the chaotic dinner party, their hope for true love is almost lost...

Genre: TV Movies

Sub Genre: Romance, Family, Drama

Year of Production: 1998

Running Time: 1 x 85-minutes

Country: Netherlands

Production Company:A IJS Water Films and Movie Masters Production