Active Measures

Active Measures  


Active Measures chronicles the most successful espionage operation in Russian history, the American presidential election of 2016. Filmmaker Jack Bryan exposes a 30-year history of covert political warfare devised by Vladimir Putin to disrupt, and ultimately control world events. In the process, the filmmakers follow a trail of money, real estate, mob connections, and on the record confessions to expose an insidious plot that leads directly back to The White House. 

With democracy hanging in the balance, Active Measures is essential viewing. Unraveling the true depth and scope of ‘the Russia story’ as we have come to know it, this film is a jarring reminder that some conspiracies hide in plain sight.


"Explosive… could be likened to watching a 21st century version of Watergate" - VARIETY

"Formidable" - THE NEW YORK TIMES

"Is this the documentary that can take down Trump?" - VANITY FAIR

"Well researched and truly frightening" - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

A dizzying and rigorously researched documentary- VANITY FAIR

Fills in the Trump-Russia connection in a dogged, rigorously reported, eyebrow-raising way

Demonstrate[s] the depths and the breadth of the corruption, the criminality, the immorality operating in contemporary politics - THE WRAP

Active Measures is not an easy watch, but it’s an important one - VOGUE

“Dense and persuasive” - VOGUE

Its timing couldn’t be more impeccable - ROGEREBERT.COM

Enthralling to say to the least– MOVIEWEB.COM

Chilling, stomach churning and courageous – THE REELNESS

Assembling a wealth of information and presenting it with relentless, almost shark-like momentum” – NOW TORONTO

Genre: Theatrical, Non-Fiction, Films

Sub Genre: Political, News & Current Affairs, Documentary

Year of Production: 2017-2018

Running Time: 1 x 110-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Country: USA

Production Company:A Shooting Films Production