Adult Beginners

Adult Beginners  


Some people just can't handle growing up.

In Adult Beginners a young, narcissistic entrepreneur Jake (Nick Kroll, The League), crashes and burns on the eve of his company's big launch and loses everything he has.

With his entire life in total disarray, he leaves Manhattan to move in with his estranged and heavily pregnant sister, brother-in-law and three-year-old nephew in the suburbs.

Not only does he find this suburban way of life very different to the fast-paced city buzz he has grown accustomed to, but Jake also becomes the family nanny, causing him to think very seriously about finally growing up.



“Funny and touching.  A rare comedy that charms its way into your heart” - THE ROLLING STONE

“Dynamite trio who bounce off each other with chemistry and class” -  INDIEWIRE

Year of Production: 2014

Running Time: 1 x 93-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Country: USA

Production Company:A Burn Later Production