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It should have been a routine assignment for FBI agent Rachel Adamson, but safely moving one of America's Most Wanted suspects from a maximum-security prison to the downtown courthouse was never going to be an easy assignment.

Accused of the lethal bombing of a federal building in Denver, Evan Harper is about to learn his fate as the jury reaches its verdict. But someone else has other plans... a sniper, armed with a high-powered rifle, fires several shots which fatally wound one of Rachel's fellow FBI agents. Following an extensive search, suspect David Welles is brought into custody. Welles is an icy cool character, whose tranquil persona has Rachel and her partner Tim Sandberg completely baffled.

Just when they think they have their man, a bomb blast rocks the courthouse plaza. Berated for her incompetence, Rachel is taken off the case. But when she is confronted by an FBI impersonator in the plaza elevator, she realises that Welles is not working alone.

After overpowering Welles' man, Rachel discovered a secret tunnel linking the federal building to the hotel where shots were fired. Inching her way along, she stumbles across enough explosives to bring down the hotel and all the people in it. With only seconds to spare Rachel diffuses the bomb, just as the elusive ringleader, Welles, disappears...

Genre: Films

Sub Genre: Action & Thriller

Year of Production: 2002

Running Time: 1 x 90-minutes

Country: Canada

Production Company:Melenny Productions in association with Frontline Entertainment and Fireworks Entertainment