Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed  


Aliens On The Moon, a compelling 90-minute documentary special, goes beyond the “official” story to examine what really might have happened on the historic day that mankind first set foot on the Moon in 1969.

Presenting astounding never-before-seen archival photographic evidence unearthed from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Aliens On The Moon questions the stories we have been told. What did US astronauts encounter on the lunar surface? And what are governments around the world keeping from us?

Asking probing questions, interviewing authoritative lunar experts including astronaut Buzz Aldrin, analyzing never-before aired NASA photos and using incredible 3D flybys of the lunar constructions, this sensational special questions whether the Moon is potentially being used as a base, and possibly a staging area, by a mysterious race of alien beings.

From the producer of INTERNATIONAL SMASH HIT Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction?, Robert Kiviat Productions.



“Compelling interviews, amazing photographs, and mind-blowing video footage" – AMERICA'S MOST HAUNTED

“Slickly-made and rather compelling" – VERY HELPFUL

“Alien autopsies and structures galore fill this exciting documentary" – HORROR MOVIES UNCUT

Genre: Non-Fiction

Sub Genre: Supernatural, Sci-Fi, Documentary

Year of Production: 2014

Running Time: 1 x 90-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Country: USA

Production Company:Robert Kiviat Productions