When Detective Sergeant Mackenzie Stone’s wife disappeared without a trace five years ago, his life imploded. Wracked with confusion and feelings of guilt, Stone (John Hannah - Rebus, The Mummy) spent every waking hour looking for her. Driven to the point of destruction, relying on alcohol and fast food, he began to lose his grip on reality.

Meanwhile, for the last five years John Dean (Anthony Calf - New Tricks) has suffered from total amnesia following a massive head injury. The subject of numerous psychological studies, Dean has rebuilt his life, running a small shipyard repair shop with new wife Jenna (Jemma Redgrave - Howard’s End).

Back at work, Stone is increasingly distracted. His continual search of missing person records keeps throwing up details of two apparently unrelated men, Dean and Paul West, who killed his wife and child for insurance money. Stone’s old copper instincts tell him the two are one and the same man, so he pursues John Dean relentlessly, determined to prove he is planning the same fate for his new family. But, as Stone’s behaviour becomes ever more erratic, the less credible his claims seem – leaving him to question even his own memory as he finds himself suddenly on the wrong side of the law.

A suspenseful story packed with intricate twists and turns; this intelligent psychological drama, featuring an outstanding all-star cast, will keep audiences guessing until the very end, as the two flawed protagonists move towards their inevitable and thrilling final confrontation.

Genre: Drama

Sub Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Romance, Crime

Year of Production: 2004

Running Time: 2 x 90-minutes

Country: UK

Production Company:Ecosse Films for ITV1