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An American Rhapsody  


Margit and Peter, a young upper-class Hungarian couple, are forced to flee a repressive regime in 1951.

Their escape across the frontier is difficult and dangerous and they are forced to leave behind their baby daughter, Suzanne. After they leave the country, Suzanne is taken in by a childless peasant couple. Settled in America, Margit becomes obsessed with rescuing her daughter from behind the Iron Curtain.

When Suzanne, now six, is suddenly taken away from the only family she has ever known and brought to America, the family reunion is anything but a happy one. The mother and daughter are strangers to each other.

By the time Suzanne is a teenager in the turbulent 60s in the USA, friction between mother and daughter escalates to life threatening proportions and Margit is forced to confront a bitter truth... the only way to regain her daughter is to let her go.

Genre: Theatrical, Films

Sub Genre: Drama

Year of Production: 2000

Running Time: 1 x 107-minutes

Country: USA

Production Company:Fireworks Entertainment/Seven Arts Pictures