Another Man's Wife  


Hadley Warner’s life and marriage are in a rut and nothing ever changes until a fateful car accident turns her world upside down. In this dramatic thriller, Hadley soon discovers that some changes can lead to tragic consequences.

Now in her late thirties, Hadley feels trapped by the life she thought she had always wanted, not sure whether she, or her life, has become more boring. When traumatized by a car accident that takes a young woman’s life, Hadley’s loyal husband Brian takes her and their teenage daughter, Skylar, to an idyllic northern retreat nestled in serene Stillwater Cove. But, even in Stillwater, the Warners soon find they are not alone.

Also renting on this isolated dead-end road is Al Paunovic, on work leave and fighting forest fires for some extra cash. Strikingly handsome, Al could have been a model, but he had nobler dreams of saving lives and living happily ever after with one true love. However, his romantic dreams go unrealized until the day Hadley catches his eye...

Hadley has a loving devoted husband and a family life that she wouldn’t give up for anyone, no matter the temptation. But, what if she were about to find out that Brian hasn’t been quite as devoted as she thought? What if she learns there is a connection between Brian and the very woman who was killed in the car accident?

When she begins to dig further, Hadley uncovers a shocking link between her family and their charismatic new neighbour. As a terrifying wildfire encircles them all, Al finally reveals his malicious plan for revenge and, cut off from all escape routes to the outside world, Hadley, Brian and Skylar must work together to find a way out of Stillwater Cove.

Genre: TV Movies

Sub Genre: Thriller

Year of Production: 2011

Running Time: 1 x 88-minutes

Country: Canada

Production Company:Sound Venture