Another Shade of Blue With Ty Sawyer  


World famous adventure writer and photographer Ty Sawyer is on assignment in Another Shade of Blue With Ty Sawyer. Join Ty as he travels to the planet’s most remote, real, and raw outposts in search of unique experiences, cultures, oceans, rivers, villages, and the people that bring these locations to life.

Ty has just one week to find the essence of each new destination and capture it in words and images to meet his magazine’s deadline. Seeking stories and photographs that are out of the ordinary, he often finds himself up against challenging terrain, weather obstacles, uncooperative subjects and an approaching deadline. Undaunted, Ty gets the stories and exquisite photos that sell the magazine and land his work on the cover.

Along his quest for those coveted stories, Ty travels to exotic destinations, such as Hawaii’s Big Island, in search of hidden waterfalls, the Florida Keys, where he and artist Wyland dive off the Islamorada Key to gather inspiration, the Tahitian jungle where Ty explores the crystal waters for a photo shoot on a sunken seaplane, and Grand Cayman where cobalt blue waters, lionfish hunting and a three chef cook-off are all part of the adventure.

In this stunning 12 x half hour journey, Another Shade of Blue With Ty Sawyer brings the real behind-the-scenes stories of travel journalism to the screen. Join Ty as he experiences and documents these truly magical moments while discovering the pulse of the planet searching for Another Shade of Blue.

Genre: Non-Fiction

Sub Genre: Nature & Wildlife, Documentary

Year of Production: 2012

Running Time: 12 x half hours

Available in HD: Yes

Country: USA