Black Hole High  


Water that runs up the wall…spontaneously combusting desks…teachers getting sucked into a vortex. These events are sometimes funny, sometimes creepy but they are not magic; they are science run amok. Welcome to Blake Holsey High School, a.k.a. Black Hole High, an unusual private school where the atmosphere is charged and scientific mysteries and oddities abound.

Black Hole High chronicles the strange capers of five teens in a secret after school science club. Together, they deal with everything from personal magnetism to their friends becoming invisible.

The cast of characters includes Josie, a rebellious misfit with awesome analytical ability; Lucas, a conspiracy theorist extraordinaire; Vaughn, the most popular boy in school with a suspicious family past; Corrine, a driven over-achiever who, with Josie, proves that science is not just a boy’s game; and Marshall, a self-proclaimed geek and proud of it.

There’s more going on in the science club than meets the eye and only those with a special aptitude for science…and most times danger…are invited to join. Could the strange occurrences and trouble trace back to the mysterious accident that happened at the nearby Pearadayne Research Laboratory 15 years ago?

Despite the surreptitious interest of Pearadayne Lab’s former chief, and under the watchful eye of Principal Durst, the kids, guided by the eccentric and brilliant Professor Z, secretly investigate these strange events…

Genre: Kids / Teens

Sub Genre: Entertainment, Action & Adventure

Year of Production: 2002-2006

Running Time: 42 x half hours

Territories: Worldwide (excluding USA)

Country: USA

Production Company:Brewster (BHH) Productions Inc in association with Fireworks Entertainment and Discovery Kids