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Chaka Khan: Keep On Holdin' On  


Yvette Marie Stevens, or as the world knows her, Chaka Khan – Queen of Funk, is the recipient of 10 Grammy Awards. With astounding estimated sales of 70 million albums worldwide, she possesses one of the most beautiful, recognisable voices in music. But few know that she also drums and plays bass guitar on her own records. She is also the only female to record with Miles Davis, who compared Chaka’s voice to the impact of his trumpet. This film reveals her life story.

An extraordinary woman who dedicates her life to helping others, her kindness and generosity strikes everyone that knows her. However, her life has been filled with tragedy and heartache.

This fascinating story reveals Chaka’s time as a civil rights activist and member of the Black
Panther movement. During her incredible career, she has endured spousal abuse, drug addiction and her son’s incarceration in jail. The film begins as Chaka visits her son in prison and is petitioning for him to be placed in a half-way house.

Now aged 65, Chaka’s career reignites with her astounding energy and new releases. We travel with her on her world tour, capturing the connection with her loyal fan base and celebrities who share her vision of helping others. The film culminates with ‘Chaka and Friends’, a musical extravaganza focused on supporting young females around the world.

Genre: Theatrical, Non-Fiction

Sub Genre: Arts & Culture, True Story, Music, Documentary, Biography

Year of Production: 2019

Running Time: 1 x 90-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Available in 4K: Yes

Country: Canada/USA

Production Company:A Koolio Pictures Production