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Closing The Ring  


Oscar® winning Director Richard Attenborough helms a deeply moving love story, beautifully interwoven between present day and World War 2, about how an American woman honored a wartime promise, with a lifetime of denial - and how the discovery of a gold ring on a distant Irish hillside brought her back to life...

In Kentucky, 1941, the wild and beautiful Ethel is courted by three friends, Jack, Chuck and Teddy, all of whom, unsurprisingly, are smitten with Ethel. But it is Teddy who becomes her sweetheart, and when the three friends are sent to the war in Europe, Teddy wears a gold ring given to him by Ethel as her promise of eternal love.

On their last night together, Teddy makes his friends swear that if anything should happen to him, one of them must look after Ethel. Choosing the ever reliable Chuck, Jack is crushed.

When Teddy’s B-17 bomber crashes in Belfast, a young Irish boy named Quinlan is witness to Teddy’s dying wish, to return the ring to Ethel and tell her she’s free to make her own choice. As the flames engulf the plane wreck, the frightened Quinlan is unable to snatch the ring in time and never speaks of the event again.

Ethel never comes to terms with her loss, yet marries Chuck, who remains true to his word, despite knowing deep in his heart that Jack should have been the one for her. Jack, also keeping his promise and filled with remorse that he should have been on that plane, holds back his feelings, and does so for 50 years...

Now in 1991 a teenager called Jimmy, caught up in Belfast’s civil war, meets Quinlan, now in his sixties, and they investigate the site of the B-17 crash. Jimmy finds the ring, inscribed with Ethel’s name, and when he is forced to escape from Ireland, he heads for America to track down the owner of the ring.

Meanwhile, in Kentucky, Ethel’s daughter Marie understands nothing of the loss that has shaped her mother’s life. When Chuck dies, Jack is left as the last of the three friends still alive, and remains deeply in love with Ethel. But with the sudden arrival of Teddy’s ring from what feels like another lifetime, Ethel’s walls come crashing down around her. Marie finally discovers who her Mother really is, and Jack makes one last attempt to heal a lifetime of pain.

Inspired by true events, and akin to The English Patient and The Notebook, Closing The Ring is an epic romance about loss and closure, love and reconciliation, and the ability to find happiness when it seems all but gone...

Genre: Theatrical, Films

Sub Genre: Romance

Year of Production: 2007

Running Time: 1 x 118-minutes

Country: UK

Production Company:UK Film Council, Northern Ireland Film and Television Commission and Jo Gilbert In Association With Contentfilm International, CTR Films/Prospero Pictures And Scion Films