Diana: A Day in the Life  


A public figure from the moment of her engagement, Diana remained the focus of worldwide media throughout her life.

Even after her divorce, Diana maintained a high level of popularity. She devoted herself to her sons and to such charitable efforts as the battle against the use of land mines. Diana used her international celebrity status to help raise awareness about this and many other issues.

There is unlikely to be such a phenomenon again as that of Diana, Princess of Wales, this extensively researched programme goes behind the scenes of one of the most remarkable people of the twentieth century.

Exclusive footage showing the transformation of a shy teenager into one of the most admired woman in the world Diana, Princess of Wales, including moving images of her last days.

Genre: Non-Fiction

Sub Genre: True Story, History, Documentary, Biography

Year of Production: 1998

Running Time: 1 x 50-minutes

Country: UK