EuroTrump follows right-wing populist Geert Wilders, the world’s most famous Islamaphobe, as he runs for Dutch Prime Minister.

The filmmakers obtained exclusive access to Wilders, who has lived under 24-hour security protection for the past 12 years due to credible threats on his life from ISIS and Al Qaeda. This film unearths the man behind the media mask, providing many revelations about ‘The Dutch Donald Trump’, in this battle for Western identity.

The ascent of Wilders, while once unimaginable in a country home to liberal mecca Amsterdam, now seems almost numbingly unsurprising as Wilders' rhetoric has sparked populist political movements throughout Europe and the United States. EuroTrump offers a balanced, up-close and personal exploration of this inscrutable political figure in the months, weeks, days and hours leading up to the fateful 2017 elections. When Wilders comes in second place in the Dutch elections, the media claims that ‘populism has been defeated’.

The filmmakers strongly disagree. If anything, populism is stronger than ever: Wilders has pushed both the Dutch and global conversations so far to the right that the world has ‘normalised’ many of Wilders hateful words, creating a new centrism that is further to the right than ever before.

From the producer of Emmy® nominated Amanda Knox.



“An intimate documentary biopic” - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER
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“The most in-depth portrait of him to-date” - OBSERVER

"Access to Wilders is so restricted that he is reportedly only allowed weekly visits with his wife. All of this, of course, makes Morse’s and Hampson’s nearly unrestricted access even more impressive." - OBSERVER


“Morse and Hampson make great use of their unprecedented access to Wilders” - SCREEN ANARCHY

“A fascinating watch” - BACKSEAT MAFIA

“Thought-provoking” - BACKSEAT MAFIA

“The film captures the canny way in which Wilders has consistently moved the goalposts” – THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

“Geert Wilders makes for an affable commentator on his own life in EuroTrump” – THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER


Genre: Non-Fiction

Sub Genre: Political, True Story, News & Current Affairs, Documentary, Biography

Year of Production: 2017

Running Time: 1 x 92-minutes (1 x 66-minute & 1 x one hour versions also available)

Available in HD: Yes

Country: UK & The Netherlands & USA

Production Company:An OBSERVATORY Production