Knight Rusty

Knight Rusty  


Embark on an adventure like no other with a very special knight who must save the magical kingdom where he lives by redeeming his knightly honour.

Knight Rusty lives with his dragon Cole and faithful friend Bo in the kingdom of Scrapland, a magical world completely made of scrap-metal. With dreams of winning the great knights' tournament, Rusty acquires a speedy engine for his horse Chopper that propels them into first place. But when the engine turns out to be stolen from ambitious Prince Novel, Rusty is accused of theft and banished.

Stripped of his castle and his knighthood, he sets out to redeem himself, prove his innocence, regain his friends’ trust and most importantly to win back the heart of his princess.

Along the way he must also defeat the evil prince and save the whole kingdom! Knight Rusty is in for the adventure of his life in this heart-warming tale of quests and heroes.

Genre: TV Movies, Kids / Teens, Films, Drama

Sub Genre: Kids, Family, Drama, Comedy, Animation

Year of Production: 2013

Running Time: 1 x 84-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Country: Germany

Production Company:A Caligari Film Production