Legacy List with Matt Paxton

Legacy List with Matt Paxton  


Moving out of a beloved home can be a momentous change for anyone. Parents and children, brothers and sisters may have to come to terms with the loss of antiques, heirlooms and memorabilia, as prized as they are precious. Each object presents a daunting challenge: what value should be placed in it? 

There’s the question of dollars and cents, but more important may be the appraisal that comes from the heart. Every belonging holds a cherished memory, borne of a lifetime of experiences – and perhaps the lifetimes of generations before. Taking stock can be overwhelming, and take a heartfelt toll.

Now, a new series from American Public Television captures the emotional trials and triumphs of families who are downsizing out of their homes. Each episode showcases popular TV personality Matt Paxton and his team of expert movers and conservators as they pack away a houseful of memories. With every item we feature, Matt brings to life a family’s treasured past, and delivers them to an uplifting future.

Along the way, Matt’s quest to uncover these deeply personal accounts inevitably takes him to far bigger revelations. As he and his irrepressible team investigate the provenance of their findings, they discover the story of America and the world. It turns out that every home is a haven for history. Each, a window into the past we all share – dramatic and surprising as it often is.

As we experience the treasures that our featured family has collected over the years, we celebrate their lasting legacy. And ours as well.


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Genre: Non-Fiction, Formats

Sub Genre: Factual Entertainment Series , Lifestyle Series , Non-Fiction Series, Entertainment

Year of Production: 2019

Running Time: 6 x one hour

Available in HD: Yes

Country: USA

Production Company:MY-Entertainment production in association with Shipyard Entertainment for Virginia Public Media (VPM) and PBS member station WCVE