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My Father and Me  


Nick Broomfield has often implicated himself in his filmmaking with honesty  and candor, yet never has he made a movie more distinctly personal than this complex and moving film about the relationship with his humanist-pacifist father, Maurice Broomfield.

In October 2020 the V&A Museum will celebrate his factory worker father’s vivid, often lustrous images of industrial post-WWII England, which inspired Nick’s own filmmaking career, while notably outlining a marked difference in their outlook, with Nick’s less romantic, more left-wing political identity stemming from his Jewish mother. A memoir and tribute, in its intimate story My Father and Me takes an expansive, philosophical look at the twentieth century.



“…the director's most personal, and genuinely moving, effort.” - THE GEORGIA STRAIGHT

“A true tearjerker.” –FORBES

“DA Pennebaker in the US and Nick Broomfield in the UK were pioneers in changing the way we look at documentaries.”—Nick Frazer

"Another superb doc from a pioneer of the modern form.” – Jason Solomons

“…fresh and open, raw and honest…”— JASONSOLOMON.COM

“…the most personal work this brilliant documentary maker has ever done…”—JASONSOLOMON.COM

“…a little gem…”— JASONSOLOMON.COM

Genre: Films

Sub Genre: Documentary

Year of Production: 2020

Running Time: 1 x 96-minutes

Country: UK

Production Company:A Lafayette Film Production