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Road to Riches

Road to Riches  


We could all use a little spare cash – and it could be hiding in plain sight in our own homes! Every house in the western world has at least $5000 of knick-knacks, bric-a-brac, collectables, ephemera, furniture and paintings that could be liquidated for cold hard cash –and probably not even missed. Enter Lucas Callaghan on his aged motorbike.

In Road To Riches this Australian picker visits households who have a pressing need to raise some readies, and he’ll convert their unwanted collectables into cold hard cash. He’s the antithesis of the antiques industry vultures who take pride at finding cheap treasure and selling it at a vast profit for themselves. Lucas shows families in need how to achieve top dollar for their Wares.

In each episode Lucas scours attics, spare rooms, garages and storage rooms, while explaining what to look for, to find hidden value, and the best way to reap the biggest profit. He then works with the family to achieve the cash – be it for a holiday, health issues, a new home whatever their needs. Along the way, he finds the restorers, auctioneers, specialist collectors and marketsthat will generate the right price for the household’s trade-able treasures. Road to Riches is anemotional, heartwarming, sometimes hilarious series that puts much needed cash back into thepockets of everyday folks.



“A fresh, fast-paced, energetic look into the skill of identifying household valuable antiques and collectables.” – TV BLACKBOX

Genre: Non-Fiction

Sub Genre: Non-Fiction Series, Reality, History, Entertainment

Year of Production: 2019

Running Time: 6 x one hour

Available in HD: Yes

Country: Australia

Production Company:An Essential Media Group Production