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Blending classic horror, contemporary murder mystery and timeless crime fiction, psychological thriller Slasher tells the gripping story of a young woman who finds herself the centrepiece in a series of horrifying copycat murders based on the grisly killings of her parents.

Born amid a great tragedy, Sarah Bennett (Katie McGrath – Jurassic WorldDraculaMerlin) has spent many years feeling cast adrift. But when she returns to Waterbury, her place of birth, she is determined to turn her life around. She has her husband, Dylan (Brandon Jay McLaren – GracelandThe Killing), a man who loves her more than anyone ever has, and is focused on her art, having opened a gallery in her old hometown. Moving into the house where her parents were murdered may seem odd, but it’s free, thereby giving this young couple the financial stability to pursue their dreams. She may be at the scene of the crime, but Sarah is starting over.

It’s not long before history starts to repeat itself, though, plunging Sarah into the midst of a new, even bloodier, murder mystery. A killer is hunting down and murdering the people in Sarah’s life, one by one. Sarah has a choice to make: either be consumed by it or overcome it.

As the killings escalate and Sarah scratches the surface of this small town, long-buried secrets and old grudges are revealed, with everyone around her becoming either a suspect… or a victim. When she then uncovers some soul-shattering revelations about her own life, which may prove far more dangerous than any serial killer, Sarah will find herself fighting for her own survival.



Brought together by a horrific secret they’ve long kept buried, a group of former summer camp counsellors must return to an isolated resort in the dead of winter to retrieve evidence of a crime they committed in their youth. Deep in the snow-covered wilderness, the run-down camp has now become a private spiritual commune, cut-off from civilization by weather, wilderness, and choice. 

Before long, the group and the commune members find themselves gruesomely targeted by someone – or something – out for horrific revenge. The location’s isolation starts to wear on relationships and exposes surprising secrets; as the winter weather worsens, so does the killer’s grisly spree. As blood and secrets spill across the vast and snowy wild surrounding the camp, the mismatched group must not only try to escape the killer’s retribution, but also survive the deadly elements. 

Slasher 2: Guilty Party stars Leslie Hope (24NCISSuits), Paula Brancati (Sadie's Last Days on EarthDegrassi: The Next Generation), Lovell Adams-Gray (Lost & Found Music StudiosDead of Summer), Jim Watson (The StrainBetween), Kaitlyn Leeb (Shadowhunters: The Mortal InstrumentsHeartland), Rebecca Liddiard (Houdini & Doyle, Ms. Labelled), and Melinda Shankar (Degrassi: The Next GenerationHow to Be Indie).



Season 3 is set over a 24-hour period on the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.

When a young man is brutally killed in front of his apartment building, he is surrounded by witnesses who do nothing to help. One year later, terror strikes the apartment complex once again when someone seemingly seeks bloody revenge on the neighbours and witnesses who did nothing during the murder



Slasher appears on THE COLLIDER’S list of The Best Horror TV Shows of 21st Century So Far. Read here.

"An engrossing, genuinely surprising small town hack ‘em up series... the first title in years to make me cover my eyes and scream at the screen- COLLIDER 

"Every character in Slasher has a secret dramatic enough to spawn a series of its own" - COLLIDER 

"A rollicking horror-mystery hybrid" - COLLIDER 

What he [series creator, Aaron Martin] does with the twisted small-town mystery is much cheekier and gutsy than your average fare”  - COLLIDER 


“You should definitely be binge watching Slasher” – VOICE OF TV

“It is very well-crafted, with an exceptional cast.” – THE GLOBE AND MAIL

“The show is definitely an homage to 90s slashers, and every bit just as good. Slasher doesn’t ease up on the gore either, and it’s amazing what TV series are able to get away with these days. Not just gore but the psychology of the kills will keep you guessing who's next.” – VOICE OF TV

“Tightly paced, grisly horror that goes on and on, and shivers your timbers expertly. Highly recommended.” – THE GLOBE AND MAIL

 “Solid whodunnit and psychological thriller” – ZAP2IT

“Satisfyingly brutal and bloody” – WE GOT THIS COVERED

“Viewers will have a blast guessing the killer’s identity.” – BLOODY DISGUSTING

“Slasher has a very distinct way of setting up kills... At the moment, you get comfortable thinking you know who's going to die you're caught off guard again” – VOICE OF TV

"Get to binge watching the series" - HORRORFREAK NEWS

"A load of talent" - HORRORFREAK NEWS

Genre: Drama

Sub Genre: Thriller, Horror

Year of Production: 2015

Running Time: 24 x one hour (extended version episodes also available)

Available in HD: Yes

Country: Canada

Production Company:S1: Developed and produced by Shaftesbury in association with Super Channel and Chiller S2: developed and produced by Shaftesbury, with the participation of TVA/AddikTV and the COGECO Program Development Fund.