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The Deadlands: The Series

The Dead Lands: The Series  


Based on the globally successful film of the same name, The Dead Lands series
offers a new chapter, set in a time before time, in which warrior Waka Nuku Rau must
find honour in a land ravaged by the supernatural. He’s aided by a young woman, Mehe, who’s determined to make sure he does. And for the spirits standing in Waka’s way, he’s got a message: Tell the dead I’m coming.

Killed in battle, bloodthirsty Waka is sent back to the world of the living to find redemption. But the world he returns to has changed and is now haunted by ghosts of the dead who can possess the living. It’s a frightening, atmospheric world where the spiritual and supernatural are real, and where Machiavellian political games are a given. Together with Mehe they journey through the broken, terrifying lands, seeking a way to repair the world.



“The Dead Lands deserves – and will find – a big and happy audience” - GRAEME TUCKETT, STUFF

“The action drops fast and often, with a choreographed brutality that should keep any martial arts film fans – me included – happy as hell.” - GRAEME TUCKETT, STUFF

“Exciting” - DECIDER

“Enjoyable” - DECIDER

“Action and production values are solid” - DECIDER

“The series’ secret weapon is its comedy, which is understated and effective” - DECIDER



“The first episode of a TV show is full of challenges… The Dead Lands tackles these challenges impressively, weaving each piece of the puzzle together in a way that feels so organic you barely notice it’s happening.” – NIGHTMARISH CONJURINGS

“A welcome addition to epic fantasy television” – NIGHTMARISH CONJURINGS

“Judging from the first episodes, it’s got what it takes to become a favorite for genre fans.” – NIGHTMARISH CONJURINGS 

“Directors Peter Metehrangi Tikao Burger and Michael Hurst have created a world that is both beautiful and threatening.” – NIGHTMARISH CONJURINGS 

“The cast is filled with high caliber performances” – NIGHTMARISH CONJURINGS

“Darneen Christian’s Mehe is strong but vulnerable” – NIGHTMARISH CONJURINGS 

“Te Kohe Tuhaka’s performance as Waka Nuku Rau balances the fierce strength and cavalier outlook of a warrior with a blundering fish-out-of-water attitude that’s endlessly compelling.” – NIGHTMARISH CONJURINGS 

“Writer Glenn Standring understands the importance of injecting moments of levity into a show that could easily become over serious.” – NIGHTMARISH CONJURINGS

“A beautiful show filled with gorgeous costumes by Sara Beale” – NIGHTMARISH CONJURINGS

“Intricate makeup designed by Deirdre Cowley” – NIGHTMARISH CONJURINGS

“Breathtaking cinematography from John Cavill and David Paul.” – NIGHTMARISH CONJURINGS 

“Beautifully shot” – BUT WHY THO?

7/10 – BUT WHY THO?

“The Dead Lands is perfection” – POP HORROR

“The unique storyline and Māori mythic storytelling…hauntingly beautiful” – POP HORROR

“Phenomenal special effects really bring everything together.” – POP HORROR

“Te Kohe Tuhaka delivers a killer performance as Waka Nuku Rau.” – POP HORROR

“It has the potential to grow into a fan-favorite series such as other hit shows like Game of Thrones, Outlander, and Vikings.” – POP HORROR

“Dark, gritty, but also has hints of humor and great character arcs.” – POP HORROR

“A fantasy series that feels fresh and exciting” – GAYLY DREADFUL

“Both actors are immediately likeable and compelling” – GAYLY DREADFUL

“Very refreshing.” – GAYLY DREADFUL

“An exciting adventure” – 25 YEARS LATER


“The Dead Lands is epic” – THE DOWN UNDER TV PLACE

“Te Kohe Tuhaka is fabulous as Waka” – THE DOWN UNDER TV PLACE

:star::star::star::star::star: - NIGHTMARE ON FILM STREET

“The Dead Lands envelopes the viewer in magic from the very first shot” - NIGHTMARE ON FILM STREET

“A visual triumph” - NIGHTMARE ON FILM STREET

“Weaves a story that’s as beautiful as it is terrifying” - NIGHTMARE ON FILM STREET


Genre: Drama

Sub Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Action & Adventure

Year of Production: 2018

Running Time: 8 x one hour

Available in HD: Yes

Country: New Zealand

Production Company:A GFC Films Production for AMC Networks’ Shudder and TVNZ