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E.M. Forster: His Longest Journey  


E.M. Forster: His Longest Journey is a film about E.M. Forster’s life. It is also the story of a special and largely unknown book by E.M. Forster called The Longest Journey, a book that describes Forster’s own sense off what his life was to be. This book, above all his other books, describes what he felt his life was to be.

The film traces Forster’s growing recognition of his development as a writer, his homosexuality and his need to initiate himself into his own true nature. We understand Forster’s extraordinary sexual shyness and diffidence in his youth and his sexual promiscuity after his great success with A Passage to India.

Through interviews with his biographers and literary critics, the film traces the resonances in Forster’s life that that are intimated in the novel. We learn of his lovers and his final long relationship with Bob Buckingham, the good-looking policeman, in whose wife’s arms Forster died. We see extracts from the many films made of Forster’s novels.

‘How few are left to be loved.’

The Longest Journey is a book about the search for redemption in a creative life half lived and a creative life betrayed upon the altar of self-seeking convention. This most modern story sets out most clearly the premonitions that Forster had about his own life. Introduced by James Wilby, who starred in the films of Maurice and Howards End, this new film brings to life the story of the long journey of E.M. Forster.



It feels like a good moment for a documentary about the writer, then, especially one as solid and informative as this” – THE SUNDAY TIMES

:star::star::star::star: “A perceptive, and at times touching, examination of a great mind” - TV TIMES

Featuring a wonderful array of highly engaged talking heads, it’s a great piece of programming that illuminates it’s subject and makes you want to reengage with his work” – THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

A must for Forsterites” – THE TIMES

:star::star::star::star:– THE DAILY MAIL

Most critics discuss the work of E.M. Forster without acknowledging that he was gay. His secret was an important part of his life, and also his work as revealed in the new documentary E.M. Forster: His Longest Journey” – GAY ESSENTIAL


:star::star::star: “Brings exciting approaches to the author’s work and life, presented simply and factually and is useful in gaining a more rounded understanding of the figure” –  QX



Unpretentious and free of gimmicks, provides a useful introduction to his story and the implications of his thinking” – THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

:star::star::star::star: – THE MAIL ON SUNDAY

Does good work of peeling back the layers of shame, secrecy and prejudice that history has enforced on his story” – QX

Genre: Non-Fiction

Sub Genre: Arts & Culture, Documentary

Year of Production: 2019

Running Time: 1 x one hour

Available in HD: Yes

Country: UK

Production Company:An Odyssey Television Production