Susan Hill's The Small Hand: A Ghost Story

Susan Hill's The Small Hand: A Ghost Story  


Returning to Scotland for the first time in years stirs up uneasy memories for Adam Snow (Douglas Henshall, Shetland, Outlander). He longs for the beautiful Alice (Louise Lombard, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), wife of his client, and faces the realisation that he has barely been present for his fragile brother Hugo (Cal MacAnich, The Victim), who is suffering a mental breakdown. While visiting Alice, Adam develops a fascination for a formerly majestic mansion nearby, Raven’s End. Seeing this as a chance to be closer to Alice, as well as to his brother, he decides to buy the house and finally put down roots.

While working on the renovation and secretly planning a new life with Alice, Adam is plagued by haunting dreams, visions and visits from a ghostly child. Fearing he may be suffering from the same fate as his brother, Adam is determined to untangle the truth and excise the spirit from his life. But his coming to Raven’s End has set in motion a chain of sinister events linked to his past and a painful secret to which Adam’s family holds the key. An Awesome / Two Rivers Media production for Channel 5, the film is based on the novel The Small Hand: A Ghost Story by Susan Hill (The Woman in Black) and is written by Barbara Machin (Waking The Dead).



"This quiet feature-length adaptation... has an admirable commitment to its slow-burn mood and gradually intensifying sense of mystery." THE TIMES

"successfully spine-tingling production...the mood is pleasingly sickening and the conclusion satisfactorily horrific." SUNDAY TIMES CULTURE

"Barbara Machin has done a good job adapting Susan Hill's thrilling ghostly tale...Douglas Henshall is excellent as Adam." TV TIMES

"This adaptation delivered the frights we long for at Christmas. It was filled with more shivers than the Beeb's effort on Christmas Eve." DAILY MAIL

"Whether or not you believe in ghosts this one-off drama based on Susan Hill's novel The Small Hand is guaranteed to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up." THE I

"the end was properly haunting..."SUNDAY TIMES CULTURE

Genre: Films

Sub Genre: Ghost Story, Drama

Year of Production: 2019

Running Time: 1 x 94-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Available in 4K: Yes

Country: UK

Production Company:An Awesome / Two Rivers Media Production for Channel 5