Trigger Happy

Trigger Happy   


When Trigger Happy TV hit screens in 2000, it went on to become Britain's biggest hidden camera comedy export, sold to over 80 countries worldwide. To this day, the show still has a huge and passionate fan base across the globe.

Now in the age of the ‘YouTube prankster’, billions of people are watching pranksters from around the world that have been inspired by Dom Joly's ground-breaking creation, but none have been able to truly replicate Trigger Happy's signature style. Dom Joly is now back to reclaim his crown as 'The Godfather of Hidden Camera'!

Packed full of social commentary on modern life with a mix of big visual stunts and Dom's unique twisted quick-fire comedy...the cult classic is returning with a bang.

Back by popular demand, Trigger Happy is returning with a brand-new series. No one is safe!!

Genre: Non-Fiction

Sub Genre: Entertainment, Comedy

Year of Production: 2016/2017

Running Time: 6 x half hours

Available in HD: Yes

Country: UK

Production Company:A Spirit Media and Shady Cabal Production.