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No Easy Days

No Easy Days  


President Reynolds (Peter Outerbridge, ReGenesis, Orphan Black) and his wife are blindsided in the middle of the night by shocking reports that their daughter has been kidnapped from a New York nightclub.

The situation rapidly escalates when, following the brutal shooting of a witness on live television, a Navy Seals Unit, led by Commander Christopher Lowe (Sean Brosnan, My Father Die) storms the parking garage where Alice Reynolds (Eva Link, Mommy’s Little Girl) is being held. As the Commander guides his team through the bomb-rigged structure to save her, President Reynolds, pressured by his team and the increasingly undeniable conflict of interest, is forced to relinquish the presidency.

The President and First Lady are now forced to stand by as their daughter’s life rests in the hands of a group of power hungry politicians and the ruthless kidnapper, British ex-MI5 agent Alexander Holt (Simon Phillips, Jack Says). With his ultimate agenda unclear and mounting suspicion of a White House leak, they must race to save Alice’s life with no way of knowing who can be trusted.

Genre: Formats, Drama

Sub Genre: Drama, Action & Thriller

Year of Production: 2016

Running Time: 8 x one hour

Available in HD: Yes

Country: Canada

Production Company:Tabernacle Productions Limited