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Written by Timo Varpio and directed by Joona Tena, gripping drama series Roba follows the daily lives of a group of police officers as they cope with the pressures of living and working in the heart of Helsinki’s southern precinct.

As the series begins, a new Captain joins the precinct. Hessu, a by-the-book individual is extremely eager to improve the everyday running of the precinct, much to the frustration of Arto, a senior constable who is used to taking shortcuts. This immediately puts Arto on a collision course with his pedantic new boss.

Senior constable Maikki is also forced to make adjustments as she gets a new partner - the brash and macho Jani. When Maikki becomes the victim of an embarrassing peeping Tom incident, she must determine the best way to handle the situation, quickly realising that for a female police officer, criminals are not the only problems to be dealt with.

Roba tells the story of today’s Helsinki police officers as they try to balance their differing ideals and principles in order to pull together and get the job done right.

Genre: Formats, Drama

Sub Genre: Drama, Crime

Year of Production: 2012-2015

Running Time: Series 1: 12 x one hour; Series 2: 20 x one hour

Available in HD: Yes

Country: Finland

Production Company:A Yellow Film & TV Production