Catalogue: TV - Short Formats


Absolute Zero  


Nordic music maven Hvita and her cranky sidekick Ozzy zero in on today’s music and the personalities. They are often surprised at what they find. Tune in and chill out.

Offbeat comedy programming from the Mondo Mini Shows that will have you in stitches! Over 430 of the best animated shorts designed for an adult audience, providing an irreverent look at life from celebrity and music to politics and religion.

Written and produced by some of Hollywood’s leading talent including the makers of the multi-platform international hit Happy Tree Friends, Eric Kaplan (Futurama); Mike Reiss (The Simpsons); Rob Greenberg (Frasier) and Nell Scovell (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch).

Genre: Short Formats, Drama

Sub Genre: Animation, Action & Adventure

Year of Production: 2000-2004

Running Time: 32 x 4-minutes

Country: USA

Production Company:Mondo Media Production