Catalogue: TV - Short Formats



Everyone knows that the first day of school can make or break your high school career, and Cassie Mitchell is stuck in the most embarrassing, dorkifying first day ever.

"Stuck" as in, she'll have to repeat her first day again, and again until she gets it right.

Will practice make perfect? Or is Cassie doomed to get called on, called out, and passed over by her hot new crush for all eternity?

This could be Cassie's worst year ever - or the most amazing time of her life. She'll never know until she finds a way to escape her first day.

Genre: Short Formats, Kids / Teens, Drama

Sub Genre: Entertainment, Drama, Comedy

Year of Production: 2010

Running Time: 8 x 6-12 minutes (Also available as 60-minute TV Movie)

Available in HD: Yes

Country: USA

Production Company:Alloy Entertainment