Catalogue: TV - Short Formats

King of the Olympics

King of the Olympics: The Lives and Loves of Avery Brundage  


For more than half a century, he guided the destiny of the world’s greatest athletes while he fought to keep his personal life a secret. Avery Brundage’s passion for the Olympics was rivalled only by his secret passion for the women he loved.

His mother gave him the adoration he thrived on. His secretary gave him the devotion he craved. His wife gave him the power he needed, and his mistress gave him the sons he longed to have.

His torrid love affair constantly threatened to erupt into scandal and end his career, but he refused to surrender either his secret life or his intense vision of glory and gold.

Genre: Short Formats, Drama

Sub Genre: Biography

Year of Production: 1988

Running Time: 2 x two hours

Country: USA

Production Company:Rete Europa, SPF Production