Catalogue: TV - Short Formats



Lonely and struggling to navigate the dog-eat-dog world of preschool, playdates and playgrounds, new stay-at-home mum Amy (Stephanie Lemelin, Young Justice) is thrilled when the seemingly perfect Grace (Alicia Witt, Friday Night Lights) moves in next door, in this hilariously dark multi-platform comedy series.

Amy is not only new to the life of a suburban mum, having left her high powered job in the city to focus her attention on raising her daughters, she’s also new to the mummy politics that accompany it. So when bohemian new neighbour Grace arrives, Amy seems to have found the answer to her prayers.

Falling into a fast friendship, the two women and their little girls become inseparable – doing everything together from carpool to baby yoga. Amy is delighted to finally have someone to spend time with while her husband Ben (Gregory Vaughan, General Hospital) works long hours.

However, as they continue to bond, Amy discovers more about her new best friend, including her domineering relationship with husband Mitchell (Diedrich Bader, The Drew Carey Show), and she does not like everything she sees. When Grace suddenly starts avoiding her, ignoring her calls, excluding her from activities and shunning her in public, Amy begins to lose her grip on her mummy balancing act, finding herself at the centre of scorn, ridicule and accusations from everyone around her.

As more of her perfectly sculpted life starts to crumble around her, Amy begins to suspect that Grace may be behind her downfall and their increasingly intense rivalry soon escalates beyond the point of no return. Determined to bring Grace down and uncover her to be the cruel manipulative woman she is, Amy finds that in the world of playdates, it’s best to keep your friends close, and your enemies closer…

Genre: Short Formats, Drama

Sub Genre: Comedy

Year of Production: 2012

Running Time: 1 x 83-minutes, 4 x 23-minutes or 13 x 7-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Country: USA