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Starring Orla Brady (A Love Divided, Servants), Finbar Lynch (Mind Games, Small World) and Bryan Murray (Irish RM, Brookside, Strumpet City), compelling thriller Proof explores the sinister underbelly of European high finance as those involved consort with smugglers of illegal immigrants and EU politicians with equal ease.

When journalist Terry Corcoran (Finbar Lynch) discovers a tenuous link between the murder of a young car thief and the suspicious death of a corrupt accountant, his journalistic instincts lead him to connect their deaths with a missing laptop computer stolen from a prominent German banker.

With the help of Nina Kupreka (Sidse Babett Knudsen), a Danish-Albanian who believes her sister has been sold into sex slavery in Ireland, and Maureen Boland (Orla Brady), the newly appointed Press Officer for the Social Democrats, he begins to draw the threads of truth together to link these murders and human trafficking to the rise to power of the about-to-be elected Taoiseach, Myles Carrick (Bryan Murray).

Proof also stars a wealth of talent from stage and screen including Charlotte Bradley (Veronica Guerin, About Adam); Jim Norton (Ballykissangel, Father Ted); Declan Conlon (Bachelors Walk, Any Time Now); Cathy Belton (Paths to Freedom, Fergus’s Wedding); Stuart Graham (As the Beast Sleeps). The enthralling series is created by Irish writer Tony Philpott and directed by BAFTA Award winning Irish director, Ciaran Donnelly (Cold Feet, Spooks).

Genre: Short Formats, Drama

Sub Genre: Entertainment

Year of Production: 2003-2004

Running Time: 8 x one hour or 4 x 90-minute versions available

Country: Ireland/Denmark

Production Company:Subotica Entertainment for RTE in association with TV2 Denmark