Catalogue: TV - Short Formats

The Fuzz  


Trouble is brewing on the seedy streets of Puppet Town in this hilarious black comedy. In a world where puppets and humans co-exist, a string of violent, drug-related crimes are sending shockwaves through the neighbourhood. What the citizens of P-Town need is a hero – what they have is Officer Herbie…

Herbie is a puppet who’s tired of being treated like a joke by his human colleagues. He tries to arrest humans for robbing from puppets, but he’s never taken seriously by his Chief so his efforts are fruitless.

Meanwhile, Rainbow Brown, a low level drug dealer puppet, is eking out a living selling jellybeans to puppet junkies on the street. But Rainbow is about to see his career sky rocket. When his human boss, Jake, drives him to a sleazy motel, leaving Rainbow to trade jellybeans for money, the puppet crook soon discovers he’s been set up. Using his quick wits and marksmanship to flee the ensuing shootout with the money, Rainbow impresses big boss Sonny so much, he’s put in charge of P-Town.

Cut to the crime scene and, under pressure from reporters, the Police Chief announces a new puppet task force and assigns Herbie – the only puppet on staff – to run it, together with his human partner Sanchez.

This is the opportunity Herbie has been waiting for – a chance to capture Rainbow, proving himself to the force and cleaning up the streets where he grew up. But Rainbow is also utilising his new-found position, embarking on a ruthless and maniacal crime spree in a quest to become the most powerful criminal in P-Town.

With the hapless Sanchez at his side, Herbie must go undercover to track Rainbow down. As he dodges the gun-toting goons and killer blenders, will Herbie succeed in stopping the criminal mastermind, finally earning the detective badge for which he has worked so long?

Genre: Short Formats, Drama

Sub Genre: Entertainment, Comedy, Action & Adventure

Year of Production: 2012

Running Time: 1 x 87-minutes, 5 x 22-minutes or 15 x 6-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Country: USA

Production Company:A Vuguru Production