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$9.99 is a stop motion animated feature that offers slightly less than $10 worth about the meaning of life.

“Have you ever wondered ‘What’s the meaning of life? Why do we exist?’ The answer to this vexing question is now within your reach! You’ll find it in a small yet amazing booklet, which will explain, in easy-to-follow, simple terms your reason for being! The booklet, printed on the finest paper, contains illuminating, exquisite colour pictures, and could be yours for a mere $9.99.”

So claims the ad that alters the life of Dave Peck, an unemployed 28-year-old who still lives at home. In his mission to share his find with the rest of the world, Dave’s path crosses those of his apartment block neighbours, who, engaged in their own pursuit of happiness decline the ‘authorised’ version.

Retiree Albert is busy trying to entertain his live-in Guardian Angel: a disgruntled individual who’d always rather be anywhere than where he is. Down the hall Marcus Pocus, a magician in debt, has fallen prey to a trio of repossessors. One of these is Dave’s brother Lenny, a charmer who has his sights set on the new occupant of the building’s penthouse: a bewitching supermodel who likes her men extra smooth and her furniture, fetish. How far will Lenny go for love?

Elsewhere in the building, underachiever Ron shrugs off the demands of his fiancée and befriends a group of hard-drinking two-inch tall students. Meanwhile, a little boy named Zack sets his heart on acquiring the latest new-fangled toy but finds instead that love is…setting his piggy bank free.

Back at the Pecks’, single Dad Jim struggles to keep his suit clean, his sons gainfully employed, and his world upstanding. Dave’s cut-rate literature is the last place a man of Jim’s dignity might be expected to find answers. But stranger things have happened, particularly in this film.

Taken together these stories offer a beguiling view of what hope looks like in a hauntingly fragmented world.

Genre: TV Movies, Films, Drama

Sub Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Animation

Year of Production: 2008

Running Time: 1 x 78-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Country: Australia

Production Company:A Sherman Pictures / Lama Films Production