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Back to Even

Back to Even  


Dennis Boyle and his girlfriend, Kim Phelan have entered into something with the mob. They planted a bomb that killed an Italian mobster and his wife for stealing Boyle's plates that counterfeit $50 bills.

Desperate for his plates back, Boyle approaches Mitch Malloy, a commercial printer to help him. At first he refuses, but when he finds himself twenty grand in debt to Boyle after a bet on the horses went wrong, he's desperate and has no choice. He agrees to help Boyle take on the mob, steal back the plates and set up a counterfeit operation.

Beforehand, Mitch learns from Kim that Boyle lied about the debt and during the hold up, Mitch takes the plates for himself and manages to escape both Boyle and the mob. Boyle eventually catches up with him and proposes a trade off. A gym bag of cocaine for the plates. Then a plan to destroy Mitch backfires and Boyle ends up blowing up his own office. Mitch is relieved, but can't help feeling uneasy knowing he hasn't seen Boyle's dead body...

Genre: Theatrical, TV Movies, Films, Drama

Sub Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime, Action & Thriller

Year of Production: 1998

Running Time: 1 x 93-minutes