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Ball and Chain  


It’s a setup! Somewhere in the middle of Texas, Ameet and Saima have a problem: they were perfectly happy avoiding each other until their parents set them up to get married.

The reluctant couple decides to do whatever it takes to break off the engagement, resorting to the most highly compromising tactics they can dream up. Saima’s father subsequently promises her to Ashol, a shady playboy.

Finally, there is a wedding - and Ashol’s big secret, Ameet’s bigger surprise, and Saima’s biggest decision.

Genre: TV Movies, Films, Drama

Sub Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy

Year of Production: 2003

Running Time: 1 x 90-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Territories: Worldwide excluding India

Country: USA

Production Company:A.V.T. Shankardass