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Demon House  


Demon House is an American documentary horror film directed by Zak Bagans, the world’s leading paranormal investigator, starring himself, Father Mike Maginot,  Dr. Barry Taff and Captain Charles Austin as themselves while Zak documents the most authenticated case of demonic possession in American history: the Ammons haunting case. 

The film follows Bagans as he purchases the house in which the alleged Ammons hauntings occurred and investigates the dwelling, coming face to face with a critical situation in which lives are left in jeopardy.



“This has a subtle creepiness which slowly worms into you, and by the time Bagans locks himself in the house, boards up the windows and sets up the cameras, one can be forgiven for watching this on mute with the lights on.” - SCREEN ANARCHY

“Wildly frightening and compelling look into the unexplained that will haunt you for some time to come.” - DREAD CENTRAL

"Absolutely frightening. Chilling" - HORROR SOCIETY

"Demon House will leave you wishing you could tell yourself, 'it's only a movie'"

Genre: Theatrical, Non-Fiction, Films

Sub Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Documentary

Year of Production: 2017

Running Time: 1 x 95-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Country: USA

Production Company:A Scarecrow Enterprises, LLC Production