13 Nov 2018


Rodney Ascher (Room 237, The Nightmare), Ross Dinerstein (Stephen King’s 1922The Pact, Jiro Dreams of Sushi) of Campfire and Kew Media Distribution, part of Kew Media Group, reteam after the success of The Nightmare on Ascher’s next feature documentary that explores the idea - in fact and fiction - of those who suspect they are living in a digital simulation. 

Tentatively titled "Glitch in the Matrix", this science adjacent non-fiction documentary will hear from individuals whose lives have been significantly affected by the belief of one or multiple alternate realities. 

Influenced by the late author Philip K. Dick, who offered up the idea of a computer-programmed reality which inspired such films as Blade RunnerTotal Recall, and Minority Report, Glitch's aim is, much like Ascher's previous work, to bring unique, shared experiences and ideas to life.

“Working with Rodney Ascher is a thrilling ride as always,” says Dinerstein. “Sometimes I feel like I am just a subject in a secret film of his.” Ascher says “When preparing to dive deep into another rabbit hole like this, it’s important to do it with a team you trust, one who knows the only way out is through.”

As with The Nightmare, the filmmakers are including social media in their search for individuals to feature in the film (in this case, those whose lives have been affected by their suspicions about the nature of reality.)  Click here to tell your story. 

Dinerstein will produce with Rebecca Evans and Ross Girard of Campfire as executive producers. Tim Kirk will co-executive produce and Colin Frederick of Campfire will co-produce alongside Tyler Glodt. Kew Media Distribution is handling worldwide sales. Ascher is represented by Lee Stobby Entertainment, CAA, and attorney Stephen Clark of Lichter Grossman.

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Campfire was founded in 2014 by Ross Dinerstein. A film and television production company, it produces across all genres and mediums. Recent projects include 1922 based on the short written by Stephen King and The Package.

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