06 Nov 2019


Leading content company Kew Media Distribution has secured the international rights to the epic new documentary, SUPERBUG – the latest project from the Emmy® award-winning producer and director of Leaving Neverland fame, Dan Reed. 

SUPERBUG (1 x 110-120’), an AMOS Pictures production for HBO and BBC Two, tells the important story of how humanity gained a wonder cure – antibiotics –  the guarantor of modern medicine, and now has almost lost it. This cinematic hybrid documentary and scripted film will unravel the story of how this happened and what it means for the future humankind. There’s no single “thing” that we can say “if we fix this, we’re good”. Instead, many interconnected things shape the SUPERBUG story. The film will take audiences on a journey that connects the past, the present and the future, dazzling with drama, pathos, excitement, emotion and illumination.

The scripted scenes will sit right alongside the documentary material and will offer the opportunity for Hollywood talent to be involved with the project  with all the publicity this will bring to the issue.

 It is anticipated that SUPERBUG will raise awareness and inspire action for change that just might save humanity.

Director Dan Reed (Leaving Neverland; Three Days of Terror: The Charlie Hebdo Attacks; The Paedophile Hunter) says, “SUPERBUG will tell an important story that will make viewers question their relationship with modern medicine while sweeping them up into an immersive journey like no other. SUPERBUG will feel like an epic, entertaining movie, using the full arsenal of screen storytelling: movie-grade computer-generated imagery, scripted drama and cinematography, and an orchestral musical score alongside classical documentary techniques with all the truth, intimacy, immediacy and sense of engagement that they deliver. The CGI will be immersive and photo-real, a journey into a never-before-seen landscape populated by extraordinary living things.”


Jonathan Ford, EVP Sales, Kew Media Distribution, said “We are delighted to offer viewers worldwide subject matter that really pushes the boundaries of storytelling. The use of new digital technologies in SUPERBUG will enhance traditional storytelling and bring a cinematic experience into each viewer’s living room. We are honoured to build our catalogue of documentaries from the award-winning producer, Dan Reed.”

SUPERBUG was commissioned by HBO Joint Head of Documentaries Nancy Abraham and BBC Two Commissioning Editor Clare Sillery. The documentary feature is produced by AMOS Pictures, directed and produced by Dan Reed and will premiere on HBO and BBC Two in 2021.


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Information about the SUPERBUG IMPACT CAMPAIGN

Our campaign goal is to create a public mandate for political action.
We will do this by (1) driving home the deadly and growing treat that antibiotic resistance poses to every one of us (2) increasing the public’s knowledge and interest in the science of bacteria and why they become drug-resistant and (3) showing the public that they too have a role to play. By speaking out to friends, family and political leaders, they can make a difference. Through these specific messages, we will create a groundswell of support for actions to tackle antibiotic resistance and thereby provide the public mandate that politicians and the scientific establishment tell us they desperately need in order to make bold policy and enforcement moves on this issue. Our ambition is to raise general public awareness and convert that awareness to action by uniting the public under a call to action. Increasing the profile of the antibiotic crisis will involve general and targeted marketing of the problem through emotive and informative content hosted both online and in the real world   and mobilizing the public to demand political action. We will create an online channel and engage an international audience before general release of the film, with specially shot location footage, interactive material and forums that will build awareness of the issues and excitement about the film.  We will also host international events that will be tailored to the host-country’s culture and the level of funding (to be secured from agencies, organisations and philanthropic investors).   We will employ top-end PR agencies to help create these exciting, impactful campaigns and stunts to bring international attention to the problem and engage the public, the professionals and the politicians in discovering and implementing viable solutions to the antibiotic crisis.